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Facial cleansing, anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle treatments and much more

Using the latest technologies and best products. Combined with massage techniques, you will look and feel fresher than ever.

Facial Treatments

Facial cleansing
50 minutes

Deep facial cleansing. Hygiene and pore extraction, with or without steam. We use ultrasonic peeling (high frequency AC vibration) to eliminate the outer layer of skin and stimulating the growth of new skin cells, extraction of black spots and penetration of active ingredients through micro-massage. (Recommended for all types of skin)

€ 62

60 minutes

Deep hydration treatment for all types of skin leaving it refreshed, shiny and revitalized.

€ 72

Hyalu – Procollagéne
75 minutos

Anti-ageing treatment containing three hyaluronic acids and marine procollagen to improve, fill-in and smoothen visible wrinkles.

€ 87

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